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Profbud – investor. A company with Polish capital and many years of experience in development. Vector+ is one of the first office buildings run from scratch by PROFBUD. Professionalism and passion enable creation of investments distinguished by a modern architecture, functionality and attention to quality. The flagship projects by PROFBUD are already completed Avangarda, Dekada and Stella estates in Bemowo, Haven House in Gocław and Primo housing estate located in the New Center of Łódź. The high quality of the projects resulted in winning many awards, for example: "Quality of the Year 2013", "Investment of the Year 2013", "Developer of 2016", as well as the "Friendly developer" certificate.

General contractor

Malbud1 – general contractor of the Vector+ building. Thanks to over 10 years’ experience in the construction sector, soundness and professionalism Malbud-1 has earned an important place on the Polish market. The company relies on high quality and carries out innovative projects that receive recognition both among clients and investors. Highly qualified management and technical staff are a perfect combination guaranteeing the highest European project implementation standards.

Experience and quality are only partially responsible for success of Malbud-1. Equally important are business relations – with clients, investors and among the Malbud-1 team. The foundations of the company include also quality, timeliness and the reliability of the offered construction services. Therefore, Malbud-1 is now perceived as a solid Polish construction brand.


J.S.K. Architekci – architectural studio responsible for the Vector+ building project. J.S.K. Architekci was founded by Zbigniew Pszczulny and Mariusz Rutz and it is an international team that base their services on many years of experience gathered mainly on the German and Polish markets.

The studio can be distinguished from others, because it attempts to find tailored solutions, pays attention to quality and relies on timeless architecture that will be valid even after several years. J.S.K. Architekci studio designs office buildings, apartment buildings, shopping centres, hotels and convention centres. The company specialises in railway and airport terminal, cargo terminals and airport centres and sport venues, especially stadiums and event halls.

J.S.K. Architekci implements projects for Polish and international investors – both from the public and private sectors.